Residence9 Timber Effect Windows



Looks Like Wood, Feels Like Wood and Outperforms Wood


if you are replacing windows in an historic house or character property, you may feel inclined to choose wood. Here are some considerations...


Wood distorts when wet and cracks when extremely dry on hot days. Sashes can be tight to open in the winter because they swell but drafty in the summer as the timber dries out. This can put pressure on handles and locks as they are forced to operate.


The thermal performance or insulation gained from Residence 9 will usually outperform a timber window with like for like glass. Put Residence 9 alongside a timber window and ask yourself which is more beautiful?


Could you distinguish the material from the kerbside of your home? Which will be more beautiful in 5 years time?



Why choose Residence9 windows?

  • Designed to replicate traditional hardware including butt hinges, monkey tails handles and peg stays.
  • It can be considered for use in Conservation Areas due to its authentic appearance.
  • Virtually maintenance free finish.
  • Luxury, top end window system, can be incorporated into Orangeries and Garden Rooms
  • Looks Like Wood, Feels Like Wood but Outperforms Wood
  • A rated energy efficient window system
  • Avaibale in a range of authentic colours and finishes
  • Hand Finished By Craftsmen in Great Britain


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