There’s an Autumnal feel in the air at the moment - it’s a clear sign that our summer days are coming to an end and winter will soon be upon us. Your winter could be made much more pleasant and comfortable by replacing your windows – one of the major factors that cause heat loss in a property.


Our latest blog discusses the benefits of upgrading your windows now, before the winter sets in.


  1. 1. To keep you warm

Developments in technology and the introduction of new innovations mean it has never been easier to control your homes’ temperature by replacing your windows. Our multi chambered, energy efficient windows provide excellent thermal performance, keeping your home warmer in winter! The low-emissivity glass we use also reflects solar radiation back outside on summer days, to keep you cool!


  1. 2. To save you money

We know that the run up to Christmas can be an expensive time, so saving the extra money on your heating bills is very welcome – especially as the cost of bills continues to increase.  Investing in replacing your windows means investing in reducing your energy bills and saving you money in the future!


  1. 3. Improve your energy efficiency

We offer triple glazed windows with advanced energy rated heat insulation, to help you reduce your bills. Our triple glazed windows are 60% more energy efficient than standard C-rated double glazed, and 40% more energy efficient than A-rated windows, allowing you to do your bit for the environment, whilst saving money and feeling warmer!


  1. 4. Reduces outdoor noise

If you’re looking to reduce noise levels from outside, take a look at our triple glazed windows, which feature improved acoustic properties. Reduced noise levels are a major advantage to anyone living near a busy road, factory or airport and improved acoustic windows can also block out the whistle of the wind in winter!


  1. 5. See in winter in style

Don’t put up with old PVC or timber windows that are letting you down.   We offer stylish windows in timber, UPVC and aluminium (and in a wide range of styles!) to perfectly complement any property. We also offer complementary styles to enhance period properties or those in country locations with our Residence9 range.


  1. 6. Protect your property
    Security is often one of the biggest contributing factors when upgrading an entrance to a home and is especially important in the dark, winter months. Our triple glazed windows are more secure than standard windows, offering you greater protection against intruder attack. We also offer special high security locking systems, along with internal beaded windows for added peace of mind.

Windows has been improving homes for over 40 years, and our experienced advisors can help you find the right windows for your property.


We have many happy customers who have taken our advice, and improved not only the aesthetics of their home, but have also saved money in the long run. Liz Foster replaced the windows in her period property with our sliding sash windows, and saw an improvement instantly. Take a look at her story here.


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