When it comes to choosing new windows, you’ll want something that performs well, but also fits in with the aesthetics of the property and the surroundings. And with so many designs, materials and styles to choose from it can be difficult to know which window is best for your home.


At Windows, we have 40 years’ experience helping customers to choose the right windows to ensure they achieve the perfect look for their property. We are experts at providing bespoke window solutions for all types of homes, everything from self builders to people renovating Victorian terraces, Georgian townhouses, through to 1960s semis.


There are a few golden rules for each type of property and if you live in one of the rural villages in the Yorkshire Dales, or one of the picturesque villages near , Keighley or Skipton, you’ll want to ensure that your windows complement the surroundings. Here are our top tips for choosing windows for homes in the country.


Tip 1 - Consider the Period your Property was Built

The key to installing windows in a period property is to replicate the originals as closely as possible, whilst working with the history of the building. We will advise on the best option for your property and, because we manufacture the windows ourselves, we can produce bespoke window sizes and specifications to suit your home.


Sliding sash windows are still as popular as ever, as they replicate the classic style popular in the Georgian and Victorian period. They are also available with all the benefits of modern, energy efficient windows too – so taking advantage of low maintenance, UPVC sliding sash windows doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style!


If sash windows aren’t to your taste, our traditional casements are a great option for cottages or larger houses in the country. And, with a wide range of timber-effect foiled finishes, including golden and Irish oak, rosewood and mahogany, as well as traditional UPVC colour options including white, cream, black and grey, there is something for every property. We can even offer bespoke coloured frames to ensure your new windows perfectly complement the aesthetics of your home and its surroundings.


In times gone by, leaded lights were popular, as large sheets of glass were very expensive.  Leaded lights also added a decorative effect and they are again becoming popular features of classic homes. It is worth considering leaded lights which could add an amazing wow factor to your home – just speak to our team of experts who can advise you on the options. 


Tip 2 - Take Extra Care with Your Windows in Conservation Areas

There are a number of conservation areas close to , Harrogate and the Yorkshire Dales and if you lucky enough to live here then you may be more restricted in your choice of frame material. You might think that UPVC is out of the question, because of planning rules, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your only option is timber.


Windows manufactures UPVC frames, including the exclusive Residence 9 windows which have been approved by some planning authorities for use in conservation areas. Although produced from UPVC, they have the appearance of timber and boast all the accessories you would expect from a period window such as traditional hardware including butt hinges, monkey tails handles and peg stays. Great care has also been taken to replicate the detail found in the original frames – for instance, the Residence 9 sash windows are fitted with authentic horns. Residence 9 windows are also hand finished, so they have mechanical joints rather than mitred ‘diagonal’ joints, adding to their authentic appearance. It’s this kind of attention to detail that makes it so hard to tell them apart from timber frames.


Tip 3 - Choose Colours to Complement

Traditionally, casement windows would be painted white, but, with such a wide range of stunning colour options available these days, the choices are endless! The traditional Chartwell Green colour is extremely popular in country houses where it complements the aesthetics of the traditional build and the rural setting. Cream is also a very popular colour for homes in the countryside and there is also a very modern trend towards grey.


When choosing a colour for your window frames, a good place to start is looking at those used by your neighbours as you should choose a frame that complements the style and architecture of the properties in your area. This will improve the overall aesthetics of your home as well as its surroundings. Having said this, you should also consider choosing a shade that complements the exterior of your house – for instance a red brick cottage with contrasting cream or white windows can look spectacular.


Tip 4 - Bear the Energy Efficiency of your Windows in Mind

As about 20% of heat loss is through poorly insulated windows, energy performance is an important issue when buying new windows, no matter what style of property you live in. Not only do energy efficient windows help cut down on heating bills, they help to protect and preserve our environment. With many styles available as A rated, and with triple glazing, Windows has some of the most efficient windows available on the market and we can help you choose the most efficient window for your needs. 


For more information about the range of windows available from Windows, or how we can help you find the perfect window for your property, contact us on .