Lightweight Tiled Conservatory Roofs

Conservatories are an ideal way to enhance your property by adding living space or simply to provide a room to relax and enjoy the garden, but...


...Somtimes a conservatory can be

  • Too cold in the winter
  • Too hot in the summer
  • A waste of valuable living space
  • Too bright to relax or watch TV in



We have the perfect solution to transform your existing conservatory in to an all year round living space


Our Roof is a complete conservatory replacement roof for your conservatory and the only replacement roof available that has Building Control Certification.


The Roof will transform your conservatory from a part of your house that you can only use occasionally to a year round living space. Giving a U-Value of 0.16 it ensures that your living space retains heat in the winter and gives additional energy efficiency. With its structural excellence the roof can accommodate opening Windows, allowing ample light in and for ventilation in the summer.


Our roof system will transform your energy wasting conservatory to an energy efficient Sun Room. By installing ourroof as a replacement conservatory roof you will increase the energy efficiency of your house.


Many internal and external finishes are available, you can tailor your new room to your liking. Every roof is designed and fabricated to the exact specification for your roof and is tailor built for your house. We can transform your conservatory in as little and 3 or 4 days with minimal disruption for you to gain maximum use from your living space.


tiled roof

tiled roof