Upgrading or changing the roof of an existing orangery or conservatory can change the look, use and quality of your space.

We offer three different roofing options, each with their own benefits and looks – fitted neatly and efficiently using high-quality materials.

A Fully Tiled Solid Roof

A solid roof adds a cosy and luxurious feel to so your conservatory to become a fully integrated extension. They provide additional warmth and still create a bright and airy room with plenty of windows.

Fully tiled roofs allow for additional privacy and warmth, plus we can seamlessly match an extension with a fully tiled roof that blends into the existing property.

Solid Glass Roofs

Ilkley’s solid glass roofs use advanced technology that prevents over-heating by reflecting unwanted sunlight out in the summer but retaining light and warmth in the winter.

A modern glass roof looks visually stunning itself, but also provides views of the landscape and sky. A glass roof can transform a dark or unused area from tired and dull to bright, light and open.

A Combinational Roof

The innovative and modern alternative to both glass and tiled roofs by combining the two.

Our top of the range glass panels are both more elegant and more modern than conventional Velux windows. They blend perfectly into an existing reception space – you can even fit high tech internal speakers or spotlights into the internal pelmet around the perimeter.

Make the most of the sunnier parts of your garden by installing a glass panel in the direction that catches the sunlight, illuminating and warming your home without compromising on sky views or privacy.