Windows - whatever the weather


windowsMost systems try to overcome the conductive property of aluminium by replacing a section of it with a more heat-friendly material, but the new system which we now proudly use – WarmCore – uses a different approach to ensure that your aluminium windows and doors are both as thermally efficient and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

The new innovative window and door system that is revolutionising homes everywhere is built around a full-width thermal core – maximising the use of lower conductivity material. As a result, WarmCore is 25% more efficient at keeping the heat in your home than other solutions – all whilst retaining both look and performance. It is also exceptionally durable and weather resistant – protecting against all the elements.


Strong and secure, WarmCore windows and doors come with a multi-point locking system and are backed by a 10-year proudest guarantee against forced entry, helping to keep both you, your family and your home safe. They are also made with robust aluminium hinges for the ultimate in security. For added peace of mind you can even choose the optional laminate glass upgrade which will give Secured by Design accreditation – the UK police initiative which ‘designs out crime’ through security - on top of the independent certification that comes as standard in the benchmark of security performance requirements for windows and doors in the UK.

Available in a range of types and finishes – including casement, tilt and turn and flush sash - WarmCore creates beautiful windows with clean, modern lines. Coming in a choice of two standard powder coating finishes – with more available to order – you can even choose a different colour for each side of the window for the ultimate in design! The bead styles can also be personalised depending on the look you want for your home – either pencil for a softer aesthetic or square for a more contemporary style.
Aluminium has become the material of choice for premium folding sliding door applications, and with WarmCore, you will get a precision-manufactured product with a high quality surface finish.


Whether bolted shut on a cold winter’s night or flung open in the heat of summer, WarmCore windows are perfect - whatever the weather!