Top 5 Solidors


One of the industry’s leading doors, the Solidor is available in a wide range of designs and colour options, and is well known to be one of the safest and most secure doors on the market. Selling 4-5 Solidor’s each week ensures that we know which designs are the most popular. Here are our top 5…


Solidor’s most popular and in demand door design. Suited to every colour, and with two glazed panels, the Ludlow has an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The simplistic Ludlow is based on traditional door designs, its stylish and elegant design, coupled with its safe and secure solid timber build, make it suitable for any style of home, be it period or modern. 


With its large glazed area allowing light to pass through with elegance, the Beeston Solidor door design can create individuality. Classed as the most popular composite stable door, its adaptability means that the Beeston is suitable for both front and back doors without looking out of place.


Whether it’s the Tenby 2, Tenby 4 or Tenby Solid, this particular door design never looks out of place. Either solid, gazed or just top lights, the Tenby can be tailored to your individual preference and customised with a wide array of glass and door furniture options that make the Tenby your personal project.


The Stafford’s centrepiece, the large central glazed arch, allows a high volume of light in to brighten any home. Available in a large range of glass designs and colour options, the Stafford is a safe, secure and elegant feature for any home.
From the Solidor Italia Collection, the Milano is one of the most luxurious doors on offer. Its outstanding quality and attention to detail set it apart from other, more basic doors. Available with or without grooves, and coupled with a wide range of bespoke door furniture and colour options, the Milano will add a modern and classy touch to the front of any house.


ludlow beeston tenby Stafford Milano


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