So you've shivered through January and we’re all hoping the snow will stay away and we’ll see the signs of spring before too long.   Now is the time to start planning for your new conservatory. 


Many people find that their existing conservatory becomes unusable during the winter months – it is just simply too cold.  The reason for this is that glass alone is not a great insulator and older style conservatories did not have low emissivity glass fitted.  This reflects heat back inside during the winter months but keeps the sun’s rays out in summer to prevent your conservatory becoming too hot, making it more comfortable throughout the year.   As a result, many of our customers here at Ilkley Windows are choosing to upgrade to Garden Rooms or an Orangery because their super thermal efficiency makes the space comfortable to be in all year round.


So what is a Garden room?

A Garden Room has the light, airy feel of a conservatory but with the benefits of a solid tiled roof that makes it more energy efficient.  The benefit is that it truly becomes an all-year-round room, being cooler in summer and warmer in winter.  There are also a range of tiled roof options to choose from, so we may be able to upgrade your existing conservatory, or you may be able to benefit from a brand new Garden Room.  Find out more here.


What about an Orangery?

 Another great choice which can really add value and a whole new dimension to your home is an orangery.  Orangeries were created to enable discerning homeowners to add more light and space to their home.  They are recognisable by their masonry pillars, which offer additional privacy and energy efficiency and their breathtaking roofs, which allow light to flood into the home.    


Orangeries are becoming more popular as they create a seamless link between the home and the garden.  Take a look at our Loggia Orangeries, which combine the best of Italian design with British building excellent.  They also feature integrated ventilation as standard, which means your home benefits from a comfortable interior all year round.  Find out more here


The best way to appreciate what a new conservatory, Garden Room or Orangery would look like in your home is to visit our showroom on Leeds Road in Ilkley.  We have recently upgraded all our displays, so it’s very likely that you will be inspired about how to create your dream home.


And, if you reserve a new conservatory, Garden Room or Orangery in February, you can be guaranteed to have it fitted in Spring.


For more information, call our showroom on 01943 816212.