With a huge selection of doors available, a variety of colours, materials and choice of security features, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed when making the important decision of which door to choose. Here at Ilkley Windows we are specialists in windows and doors and are equipped with the experience and knowledge to help you make the right choice in choosing your new door.

Manufactured in Britain and bursting with a multitude of features, unique colours and styles, it’s easy to see why the Solidor composite door is one of our favourite solid timber doors.


A Solidor composite door is quite simply one of the best composite doors on the market today! Its unique combination of security features, range of styles and its low level maintenance, makes it an ideal door choice. The market leading composite door boasts premium level security hardware and a stunning structure which has made it the composite door of choice amongst both homeowners and businesses alike.

Our Solidor composite doors offer one of the most comprehensive, secure locking systems on the market.  The highly secure doors are fitted with a unique Avantis lock which carries the industry's largest dead bolt.

Each Solidor composite door undergoes meticulous and rigorous testing procedures to ensure that it offers optimum security and protection wherever it is installed. Because of this, the doors, door frames, security locking systems along with the glass all come with a 10 year guarantee - with the doors having a life expectancy in excess of 25 years!

A key component that makes the Solidor composite door more superior to that of its competitors is its exceptional solid timber core construction. The 48mm deep doors are also 10% thicker than their nearest competitors making them more secure and energy efficient.


If you are still wondering why you should choose a Solidor composite door, how about the fact that you will have the opportunity to select from the UK's finest range of solid timber-core composite doors, which offers unequalled levels of security, energy efficiency and charm? With the Solidor composite door you will be spoiled for choice by its hundreds of styles, variety of colours - inside and out, and a range of handles and accessories.

The Solidor composite door offers 256 door colour combinations through the option of 18 colours on either side, so there is something for every palette.  The limitless selection of colours and styles offers something for every taste from modern colours to high end woodgrains.

Available in a number of door frame options including; Golden Oak, Rosewood, white and Anthracite Grey, you really have the option to create a door to your exact taste! Why not try a contrasting frame colour or include a colour that you already have in your home? You can design your own Solidor composite door on our website and get an idea of how your perfect door will look by clicking here

With the Solidor composite door you have the option of selecting your preferred; entrance type, frame options, door options and even your accessories.  The different entrance styles available are Residential, Stable and French. With the 14 frame options on offer you will be sure to find a style to suit your needs. The wide range of frames enables you to choose the position of your side panels and you can also pick from an array of top box glass including, clear, Digital pattern, Oak pattern and Cotswold pattern, to name just a few. You can also opt to include one or more of the 20 patterned glass options in your left or right panels, ensuring that you design a door that is just right for you!

One of the many great benefits of a Solidor Composite door is the vast selection of door options available. There is literally something for every taste, whether you are after a full glazed door or a solid door, you will have more than enough options to satisfy your desires.  Door styles range from the fully glazed Palermo to the solid styled Verona and everything else in between - to include as much or as little glazing as you would like.

The choice of door accessories include spyholes, door guards and extra high security handles to really make sure you get your perfect Solidor composite door.

The varied colour range even gives you the option of being one step ahead of everyone else with some exclusive colours; Chartwell Green, Duck Egg Blue, Irish Oak and NEW Mocha, Aubergine, Painswick Green and French Grey.

One thing for certain with a Solidor composite door is that you will have the market’s largest range of colours and finishes at your fingertips! Unlike its competitors, the Solidor composite door colour and finish range has been developed to reflect the tastes of its varied customer base.



One of the main reasons we love the Solidor composite door here at Ilkley Windows, is that the doors are manufactured in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Produced using 100% fully recycled door frame reinforcing; the doors are some of the most environment friendly doors available on the market.
The doors are designed and manufactured using the most premium materials, hardware and accessories ensuring that the doors will benefit from having a substantial lifespan.

To ensure that your door is kept in the best possible condition, we recommend wiping it down with a soft, damp, lint free cloth using mild soapy water. To maintain the appearance of your door handles we suggest polishing the handle and letter plate with a standard furniture polish every month. Lubricating the working parts of the locks and hinges once a year will also help to maintain and increase the longevity of your Solidor composite door.
The benefits of a Solidor composite door at a glance:


  • • 256 door colour combinations available
  • • 18 colours inside and out
  • • Unique 48mm solid core door
  • • Chamfered or sculptured door frames
  • • Premium secure locking system