Well it’s that time of year when many people are making their New Year’s  Resolutions.  Some are planning to get fit in 2015, others have set their sights on securing a new career in the year ahead, whilst for many it’s their plan to finally get their house in order.   The Christmas and New Year period is a great time for homeowners in the Yorkshire area to reflect and plan for the year ahead. 


So here are five good reasons why your New Year’s Resolution for 2015 should be to upgrade your home with Ilkley Windows:


  1. 1. To add value to your home

Ask any estate agent and they will tell you that adding attractive new windows to a property is one of the best investments you can make in your home.   It may be that your property has old-style timber windows that are draughty or in need constant repair and painting?  Or it may be that you have first generation PVC-u windows that feature thick frames that are energy inefficient, leaky or misty?  Or it might be that you have front or back doors that are looking worn or are not as secure as they should be.


If you replace your windows and doors with Ilkley Windows, you will find that this adds value to your home, improves its aesthetics and makes your property more appealing to potential buyers.  With over 40 years’ experience, we can advise you on the style of window and door to suit your home and to complement your local area.  We offer a wide choice of coloured PVC-u options and wood-effect finishes to suit your tastes. There really is no better investment in your home, so come and visit our showroom to find out more!


  1. 2. You can make the most of natural light

Features like bi-folding doors and conservatories add natural light into your home, creating a bright, airy living space.  Research has proven that lighter homes are happier homes and the people living in them are much less likely to suffer from conditions such as depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).  


If you choose our bi-folding doors, which incidentally fit well with many of our conservatory styles, it means you can open up the whole of the front of your house, bringing  your home and garden closer together. Many homeowners also find that conservatories and bi-fold doors enhance their lifestyle significantly by enabling them to open up their homes for alfresco dining and entertaining.


  1. 3. You can save on your energy bills

One of the main reasons that people choose to upgrade their windows and doors these days is because they recognise that they can save money on their energy bills by doing so.  With heating bills continuing to increase, you will find that replacing your windows and doors with modern, energy- efficient alternatives makes sound financial sense.   Look out for products with an A-rating for energy efficiency – when most people choose an A-rated fridge or washing machine, why compromise when it comes to your windows!


Composite doors, such as our Solidor and Distinction Doors, are eight times more thermally efficient than other materials, which means that they make your home feel warmer and prevent heat from escaping.


For more information about our composite doors or replacement windows, please visit our showroom or call 01943 816212.


  1. 4. So you can create extra living space

Many homeowners choose to add an Ilkley Windows’ conservatory or orangery to their home because they want to create extra living space.  Even better, with our new tiled roof system conservatories need no longer be too hot in summer and too cold in winter, all of which means the new generation of Conservatories, Liv-in Rooms and Garden Rooms from Ilkley Windows are comfortable to use by all the family the whole year round. 


Take a look at our tiled conservatory roofs, for which we offer a range of options to suit your house type.  These offer all the benefits of a conservatory, as they bring light into the home by incorporating skylights, but they also provide better thermal performance by locking heat inside your home.  Our tiled roof system isn’t just for new conservatories either. Many homeowners are also choosing to upgrade their existing conservatories, to create an all-year-round usable space.


  1. 5. So you can be more secure

As the nights are dark and long and burglaries are most likely at this time of year, it really does pay to increase the security of your doors and windows.   If you choose to upgrade your windows, there are many sophisticated locking mechanisms available from Ilkley Windows, which helps to enhance your security, giving your greater peace of mind.  If you decide to upgrade to composite doors for the entrance to your home, you will find that the doors in our range meet Secured by Design standards, which is the standard approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).


Why not visit our exciting new showroom – to be inspired!


If you didn’t get the chance to visit our showroom in 2014, then now is the time!  We have many superb new conservatories to view and our stunning aluminium bi-folding doors, as well as numerous displays of timber and PVC-u windows and PVC-u and composite doors.  Prepare to be inspired – you really will be spoilt for choice!  Visit our showroom on Leeds Road, Ilkley or call us on 01943 816212.