Make mine a Residence 9!


The most important thing to know about Residence 9 windows is that they have been designed to replicate the 19th Century Flush Sash timber windows traditionally found in historic properties. That means that despite not actually being made of timber, their range of authentic designs and colours will enable you to replace your windows without losing the character, appearance and feel of your home. Crucially, because of their specific design to uphold the traditional features of historic buildings and high-quality build, many planning authorities now approve the use of Residence 9 in conservation areas and listed buildings to preserve the architectural merit of the area.


r9It may be no wonder, therefore, that the luxury, top-end Residence 9 system is such a popular choice for both rural and conservation areas homeowners – especially because you can even specify traditional features, such as butt hinges, monkey tails, handles, peg stays and authentic-looking ironmongery. It looks like wood, feels like wood but outperforms wood in that it fully maintains the original aesthetics and achieves a stunning finish while providing all the benefits of PVCu material.


Low-maintenance, virtually composite-free and with market-leading energy efficiency benefits and thermal performance, Residence 9 is the choice for conservation areas and properties ranging from cottages in villages and authentic townhouses to period homes.

So go on – make your ancestors proud. Britain’s heritage depends on it.


NB: If you do live in a conservation area, however, make sure you seek appropriate consent beforehand from the relevant planning authorities.