Keep your property protected with our market leading locks


WHY CHOOSE A SOLIDOR COMPOSITE DOOR?At Ilkley Windows, providing market leading products is at the heart of what we do. Our locking systems will give you added security and peace of mind that your loved ones and possessions are safe and well protected.


Security - lock details and features

Recently, there has been a serious issue with security and break-ins in Ilkley, with the group of offences occurring predominantly in Kings Road/Victoria Road area and Ben Rhydding. The perpetrators have forced entry into the properties by forcing outdated windows and door frames and attacking insecure locking systems on windows and doors.


solidorWhilst we appreciate that the cluster of burglaries may have caused some alarm, here at Ilkley Windows we are here to try and alleviate any concerns.


We are pleased to offer both 1 star lock cylinders and 3 star lock cylinders. Our 1 star lock cylinder meets the TS007 standards and our 3 star lock cylinders are SS312 Sold Secure Diamond Rated, so you can feel confident that you will be getting a high specification locking system.


1 star lock cylinder

Our high specification TS007 1 star rated locks will increase the security of your property and benefits from having an anti-drill, bump, pick and screw attacks system. The keys can be cut from any reputable locksmith, meaning that getting spare or replacement keys is simple and hassle free. The locks are available in both brass and chrome and in over 30, 000 combination offers. The master locksmith association approved locks will not only enhance the security of your property but also includes a range of attractive features such as the key cones, which include a soft grip key fob. The 1 star lock cylinder comes with 3 high security computer keys as standard and is available in thumb turn and keyed alike options.


solidor3 star lock cylinder

Our highly secure 3 star attack series is packed with features that will no doubt increase the security to your property. The British Kite mark (KM 586153) rated lock is highly recommended by the National Neighbourhood Watch network and is police preferred, Secured by Design accredited.  One of the main benefits of the premium level security lock is that it is break secure. The Patented Avocet Break Secure (ABS) cam technology completely blocks access to the inner mechanism of the lock providing your door with total security.

Available in polished chrome, brass and satin finishes, the 3 star lock cylinder is as aesthetically pleasing as it is secure. The SS312 Sold Secure Diamond Rated lock comes complete with a unique click secure thumb turn design that serves to heighten the security of your property. Amongst the many enhanced security features of the 3 star lock cylinders is that they are snap secure, anti-bump, anti-drill and anti-pick.  The 3 star lock cylinder comes with three soft grip keys as standard and keyed alike cylinder options. The insurance preferred 3 star lock cylinder provides the ultimate protection against intruders.


solidorBe vigilant

Whilst upgrading your locks and ensuring that your property is fitted with the most secure locks goes some way to deter burglaries, always remember to be watchful, keep your doors locked and make sure your valuables and possessions are out of view.


For more information on upgrading your locks, contact Ilkley Windows on 01943 816212 or email