Is it time to invest in new windows for your home?


Windows are part of the essential framework of any property. However worn-out windows will not only look bad, but could mean that you are using more energy than necessary and that the value of your home is negatively affected.


Repairing old windows can be costly but replacing windows with new energy efficient ones can be an investment worth taking. Here are our top three reasons why:

  • The profile (the plastic that a window is made out of) has seen major improvements in recent years, and is now more thermally efficient, and energy efficient, than before. Couple that with the advancements in glass design, and you are guaranteed to reduce energy usage and the associated costs.


  • Maintaining worn windows can be time-consuming and difficult. Updated PVC windows are virtually maintenance free, meaning that you can spend more time enjoying your home, and your new windows.
  • Over the years windows can become dirty and off-colour, meaning they end up more yellow than white. Replacing your windows will mean they will be the correct colour once more, adding more ‘curb appeal’ to your property, which could lead to an increase in value.


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