Energy Efficiency Explained


Energy efficiency has become an important factor when choosing windows and doors. However, the terminology can be confusing. From U Values to Windows Energy Ratings, here is our quick and easy guide to energy efficiency for windows and doors.


U Values

U Values are not as prevelent in England as in other countries across Europe, however you will still find them mentioned in literature and your sales person may talk to you about them. Quite simply, a U Value measures how quickly heat will be lost through a surface. The lower the U Value, the better insulator a material is and the less heat that will escape through it. By stoppng heat escaping, energy efficiency will increase and money can be saved on heating bills.


Windows Energy Ratings

Every window sold in England should have an Energy Rating Certificate. This is a rainbow label, similar to the one you would see when you buy a household appliance. The label will tell you how energy efficient your window is, detailed on a scale from A+ to G. A+ is the most energy efficient, G the least efficient. Depending on who you buy the windows from, the Energy Rating Certificate should display the BFRC, BSI, FENSA or CERTASS logo.

We are proud that all of the windows that we sell achieve an Energy Rating of A and a U Value rating as low as 0.7. For more information, call us on 01943 816212