solidorUpgrade your home in time for Christmas


You may think it is too early to talk about Christmas, but with the holiday season less than 80 days away, the opportunity to upgrade your home in time to welcome your loved ones for Mince Pies and Christmas Carols cannot be ignored.


Outdated windows and doors are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to letting draughts in, and heat escape, from your home. Upgrading your windows and doors can make a real difference, and will go a long way to ensuring that your home is properly insulated.


As well as stopping your guests from shivering, new energy efficient windows and doors can reduce your heating bills and save you money in the long term.  They will also help to reduce condensation levels, stop noise filtering in from the outside and add ‘curb appeal’ to your home.


So ensure that, this year, when you are hanging your Christmas wreath on your door and admiring your snow-covered garden through your living room window, that you have upgraded. The benefits, and cost savings, that you will gain by doing so are a Christmas present you cannot say no to.


(Image courtesy of Solidor)