How to care for your windows and doors after installation


You’ve just spent thousands of pounds on new windows and doors so it’s probably a good idea to get to grips with the following to ensure your investment remains a good one:


  • Know your material                                                                     windows

Differences in the right care depend on the material used:


  • Never use anything abrasive when cleaning PVC-U frames, as it could scratch the surface and trap the dirt – a double no no! Instead, wash them with a mild solution of washing-up liquid and, if any stubborn marks remain, touch them up with a light rub of PVC-U crème cleaner.


  • Timber needs maintenance but just how much depends on how quickly you respond. Inspect regularly to check for any cracks that may emerge in the exterior coating as this will expose the timber to moisture, leading to decomposition. Touch windows up once a year with a  brush to make repairs wherever needed and wash the frames with a mild detergent a few times a year, too, as this will remove dirt and other contamination.

  • windowsYou can make do with washing aluminium frames just a couple times a year. If the window has undergone physical damage, you can remove minor scratches with a polishing compound.

  • Rain rain go away

After a heavy downpour which – let’s be honest – is a bit of a given in this country, you may find some water in the bottom of your door and window frames, but do not despair! The drainage holes in the base will carry it away.


  • Follow our lead

When exposed to rain – as with any new lead work – an oxidisation process will begin which leaves some blotchy stains. After a few months, however, once the process is complete, the lead will become dark grey in colour and will no longer stain.


  • Lock-stock

Spray WD40 twice a year into all the locks and on any metal surfaces around your doors to keep them operating smoothly.


  • Glass half full

Any type of glass cleaner is suitable, except for where Ritec Clearshield or any other type of self-cleaning glass has been used, in which case you should refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. 


  • Shut the door

To prevent any draught from getting in, remember to keep the door in the locked position as this helps achieve a tight grip on the draught seals.
Time to cosy up on these long winter nights and enjoy your new windows and doors!