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Bifolding Doors

Bring your beautiful garden in, make the most of the outdoors and enjoy summer days by installing bi-fold doors that make your room completely free from barriers.

When closed, bi-fold doors allow expansive natural light and garden views into your home. When opened, they discretely move aside to allow open-plan garden access. You will feel like you’re living in the openness of the great outdoors by opening entire façades in your home.

Bifolding Doors let you live the outside inside

Any aspiration is possible with a Visofold slide folding door. The modern look of a Visofold adds a touch of finesse and compliments your home.

Beautifully designed and very versatile – they’re suitable for any room, including your living room, bedroom, kitchen or conservatory.

Transform Your Home With Bifolding Doors

The modern aesthetics of a Visofold slide folding door will add a touch of finesse to any external aspect of your home. When closed, it complements your home with a striking glass façade and attractive curved characteristics that are pleasing to the eye. Fold the sashes back to give a stunning opening that draws the exterior closer and into the comfort of your home.